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Learn Forex in South Africa

Posted by ATUL DOGRA at Thursday, January 1, 2009
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Forex market is not for newbie's. Forex market is not for average players. There's no luck involve in Forex trading. That is one of the prime reasons why many people looks for forex trading training before they begin in forex . In Forex trading you need to pay attention and keep a few things in mind;

    * Before opening an account read as much and learn as much as you possibly can
    * Have a clear strategy for the trading decision that you make
    * Get familiar with the currency markets
    * If possible get trained form a Forex mentor

You are on your way to lose all your money in Forex market if you are:

    * Trading Forex blindly without a proper system
    * Inexperience and lack of necessary skills
    * Trading without a professional guides

Few people requested me to facilitate the learning process of forex trading  in South Africa , so here are few websites that might help you are genuinefxonline , theschoolofforex , mti-africa . All though I am not from South  Africa , so i can not guarantee about quality .  Before you join any institute you must go wo one trial class and talk to other locality students . They can tell you about the quality difference and sometimes while talking they tell us some bad factors too.I hope this information will help you to Learn Forex in South Africa .

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Always compare car insurance quotes online

Posted by ATUL DOGRA at Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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If you are looking for car insurance quotes online than you must try to search them online also .The car insurance quotes which we can get on Internet provides many opportunities to us. Online you will find the best deals for your needs according to your Insurance capacity via sales man directly or through a broker. You can take or receive car insurance quotes on the telephone, Internet or e-mail. If you got some hot offer and decided to visit one of the officers than you can take have their address or call their salesman or representative to your home also .They can explain you the right car insurance for your needs and your budget. There are two types of agents, one is captive and other is independent. Independent brokers have contracts with many companies in which the officers handle all project in agents custody.

But right now almost all car insurance companies started providing direct car insurance quotes online and they provide you best and cheap insurance offers. By this we can save files charges fees and other expenses which are mostly charged by all car insurance provider agents. On most sites of the insurance you can find better offers, so I will advise first go through all sites and check all car insurance quotes online than choose your plan. To save money and get best quality insurance quotes, you must apply for at least three offers from different companies. Each website will send you the offer that they can.  Now compare all your data exactly and you can offer comparisons.

In USA we have so many sites and direct dealers for car insurance quotes online. But in India there are only few of quality sites on which we can check best car insurance quotes.  I visited and was just shocked when I saw a comparison banner for Suzuki SX4. Few days back my friend just purchased policy for his SX4 in RS 19800 from local agent but on policybazaar their was more good offers. If you are in India than you can check their site and compare their rates with others. We have not seen all sites but we were just shocked when we saw this banner on


We need investment planning in Stock market

Posted by ATUL DOGRA at Monday, December 29, 2008
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We need investment planning in Stock market for our protection because Economics are based on an assumption that human beings are rational. But human reactions to stock market movements are utterly irrational. When markets rise, everybody cheers, When markets crash everybody moans. The underlying assumption of all small investors is that share prices should rise forever. Now, if the price of rice, sugar or petrol rose forever, the small investor would complain bitterly. Yet they seem to think it perfectly fair that share prices should go up forever, and very unfair if share prices crash. How greedy and hypocritical humans are. Only few people here make investment planning in Stock market because they know how to invest in stock market and protect themselves in stock market crash  .

We tend to have a very short memory as in I don’t think many people remember that the sensex was around 5,000 during the last general election in 2004. It then slumped to 4,282 on panic selling. From that low point, the sensex tripled in two years to 12,624 on May 10, 2006 and touched 20 000 late last year That has been a bonanza, fuelling speculative frenzy. So, the 20% correction is to be welcomed. Stock market valuations remained stretched by historical standards, though not by developed market standards. If the sensex falls all the way to the 9.390 level at the start of the year, the market would still have yielded enormous gains to those investors who did investment planning in Stock market in 2004 . 

The long run prospects of the economy are excellent. So, investors should not really panic and always they must move themselves with stock market trend . Yet such exuberance needs to be tempered by sharp corrections from time to time. This sends the valuable message that exuberance is no substitute for judgment. All who invest in markets must remember these aphorisms. Risk and reward go together. If there were no risk, there would be no market reward. Share prices represent subjective judgments of the day, so bouts of euphoria and depression will necessarily drive share prices up and down.

So, our problem today is the notion that markets should rise forever.But it is not possible and they will not and should not. We need sharp dips, to remind investors from time to time that stock markets have risks as well as rewards . So if you Have not done any investment planing till yet for future  than you must do it from now .

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